Friday, August 2, 2019

8 surprising Benefits of carom seeds

Ajwain,Trachyspermum ammi – is known as Carom seeds. Ajwain is small, oval-shaped seeds are in a pale brown color. It is also looked like the same as a cumin seed. Carom seeds smell is exactly like thyme, because it also contains thymol. The tastes of carom seeds are bitter and spicy. These plants are mainly developed in India and Iran. Ajwain is mostly used in home remedy. So here we tell about the 8 surprising benefits of carom seeds. Ajwain is used in traditional medicines. In Ayurveda medicines ajwain are mostly used ingredients. To prevent us from stomach pain, indigestion, bloating, fatigues the ajwain powders are used in Ayurvedic medicines.


Cannes Film Festival 2019

Starting from Bollywood to Hollywood the Cannes festival will always rock. This is the 72th annual Cannes festival that took place in France from 14 to 25 May. It is the type of reunion of celebrities from all around the world. Like every year, this year also seems to be a list of celebrities, in which all celebrities set a fire on the Red Carpet. Here I am talking about Bollywood celebrities at Cannes Festival. From Bollywood celebrities Deepika Padukone to television reigning Hina khan, here we are mentioning everyone who has marked at the 72th Cannes Film Festival.


Best Salad Recipe for the weight loss

Time is changing. Normally people wish that they stay fit and healthy. They are becoming health-conscious. The youth become aware of the benefits of eating. If you are looking for weight loss, then salads are a big part of your life. People who are on dieting, there are no junk foods added to their diet. For those people here is good news that they can eat Salads whenever they want. These salads also help to lose weight. A salad doesn’t mean that you can eat the same salads topping day by day. Here I tell you about the best salads recipes for weight loss. This weight loss recipe helps you to lose your weight, feel you like fuller and also helps you to satisfy your taste with healthy ingredients and fresh flavors. 
For more detail check: Best salad Recipies for the weight loss.


Weight Loss Shake- Best homemade Meal Replacement shake

Weight loss –It is not easy for everyone to lose weight. If you want to lose weight there are some certain conditions and some combinations. Like, you have an effective workout routine. You must follow dieting… consult your dietitian for the diet plan. Avoid junk foods. If you focus on these basic keywords you will able to lose some pounds. So here we are introducing some healthy shakes which help to lose some weight. A shake is like a meal in a jar. It is a jar full of protein and fiber. Here we are exactly describing your best homemade meal replacement shakes to lose weight faster. When we want to lose some weight, in that case, we normally cut our calories. There are many nutrients present which needs our body. To fulfill that gap in our body we introduced meal replacements shakes.
So you all just start your blender, pick the recipe from this section and enjoy your day, with healthy weight loss shake.


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Top 9 healthy chocolates you can eat

 Everyone loved chocolates. But most of the people didn't know that which chocolates are healthy. What should be the time, it doesn’t matter. Chocolates are the best friend. It will always with you. From valentines to breakup in every situation a chocolate is always standing with you. So it is the right time to know about each and everything. Chocolates are always with you in good times as well as in bad times.  So here are the descriptions about the Top 10 healthy chocolates you can eat.

To know more about chocolates visit:  Top 10 healthy chocolates you can eat.
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12 Surprising breakfast ideas for weight loss

What I think is, if we start our day with healthy and good food, it will make our day more energetic. Normally if you are going to consulting a dietitian about weight loss, they advise you to take 30-35 kcal / kg of your body weight. And one should have his/her breakfast healthy we can say more “calorific”. For a person weighing 60 kg, his/her calorie count in whole day should be 1800Kcal. For breakfast, an intake of 300-350Kcal is advised. Dieting is most important thing in weight loss. You should conscious about food. What type of food you should take? The food should be healthy and nutritious. Honestly speaking, when summer starts or you can say that wedding seasons are coming, than you normally thought about reduce some extra pounds from your body. 

So enjoy your breakfast meal with these 12 surprising breakfast ideas for weight loss. It is very difficult to find out the delicious and healthy breakfast when you are on dieting. 

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Monday, May 27, 2019

10 best white sneakers for women

Sneakers are the important part of everyone life. For women sneakers are like everything. Sneakers are matching with every dress like maxi dress, jeans, shorts and jumpsuits. Even sneakers are also worn with lehenga. There are many celebrities who wear lehenga in their weddings. So here we tell you about the 10 best white sneakers for  the women. In this article we also mentioned the price oh the sneakers. For the detailed information visit my  blog.

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